" Samplers Exhibition "  : an Art discovery


From May 22nd to May 30th in Castano Primo (North Italy, close to Milan), in the Eighteenth Century Villa Rusconi, the Cross Stitch Group "Noi di Milano", in cooperation with the "Stravagario" shop in Castano Primo and sponsored by the Castano Primo Municipality, organize a  thematic exhibition of cross stitch embroideries dedicated to "Samplers".

 These are embroideries carrying a large variety  of stitches and drawings which, along the past centuries and various social environments, acquired special features, rich of social and religious symbology.

 The samplers authors were often children or young girls who learnt not only  the cross stitching, but they also told their life stories : a birth, a love, a death, a family story or their faith.

 More than 130 works will be exibited, accurate reproductions of the most famous historical  samplers, treasured in the world most important museums